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Mormonism and the Identity Jehovah

Mormonism and the Identity of Jehovah
By Sean Killackey
January 12th, 2016
[Updated: February 5th, 2016]

“May people know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth.” – Psalm 83:18 NWT

Most of Christendom affirms that Jesus is Jehovah. However, what they mean by that differs greatly from what Mormons mean. Though both are wrong, the Mormon concept of God may seem appealing. They say that Jesus is not God, whom they call “Heavenly Father.” This separation is reasonable, for it is clearly shown in the scriptures. Where, then, do Mormons go wrong?
Whereas most who claim to be Christians affirm that Jesus is one of the persons of the tri-personal God, who is Jehovah, Mormons say that he is alone Jehovah. Just as we call him both Jesus and Christ, they call him Jesus and Jehovah. They are but two names for the same person.
Mormons, in addition to saying that Christ is Jehovah, say that Jesus is not to be prayed to. This latter statement by itself is correct, but combined with the notion that Jesus is Jehovah is like saying that we should not pray to Jehovah. This latter statement is contrary to the many exhortations to call on Jehovah in truth. (Psalm 145:18) In fact, Jesus himself prayed to Jehovah, as is recorded in John 17:1-26.[1] Therefore, they, by their own teaching that Jesus is not to be prayed to, ought to conclude that, because of this information, Jesus is not Jehovah. However, if they do, they can no longer be Mormons, for the God they pray to is not Jehovah.
If the Mormon position is contradictory, or violates the scriptures, then it must be abandoned. If it is untenable, it is so because it does not rest upon the sure foundation of God’s true Word. The implication of this is great. If Mormons ask people to test their book by calling on “Heavenly Father,” whom they say is not Jehovah, to confirm its authenticity, yet he is not God, then any “confirmation” given is not from the true God, but is a lie. Further, any book that is supposedly revealed to mankind by “Heavenly Father” is not from the Living God, and any Christ taught by it is not “the Son of the Living God.” – Matthew 16:16

[1] Some may note that “Jehovah” is not used in this prayer, as if this means that Jesus did not pray to Jehovah, but to “Heavenly Father.” However, while Jehovah’s name is not uttered in this prayer, Christ says that he has his Father’s name in him. (John 17:12) This is reminiscent of the angel of Jehovah, of whom Jehovah said, ‘I have put my name in him.’ (Exodus 23:21,22) If both the Father and Jehovah put their name in someone, it suggests at least that Jehovah is the Father (and perhaps that Christ was the angel of Jehovah). Isaiah 63:16; 64:8 and Malachi 2:10 can be marshalled for support as well. Therefore, Jesus, since he prays to the Father, prays to Jehovah, whom he therefore cannot be. Mormons will agree that Jesus is the Son and not the Father. If they do so, they should be carried to the logical conclusion that Jesus is not Jehovah. If they reach this conclusion they must abandon their theology.

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