Friday, February 26, 2016

The Self-Harmony of the Bible - 5 (Part Nine)

Does God Sit or Stand to Judge?
            Isaiah 3:13 says he stands, but Joel 3:12 says he sits! Two things can be said in response. Primarily, these verses are metaphoric, God is not physical and with him there is no standing or sitting! Secondly, and not really necessary to mention, these refer to different judgements, given at different times, so we don’t have two different mutually exclusive claims being made about the same instance – a fundamental requirement of contradictions.

Does God Tire?
            Isaiah 40:28 (NWT) says: “Jehovah, the Creator of the ends of the earth, is a God for all eternity. He never tires or grows weary.” But, Jeremiah 15:6 (NWT) reports: “‘You have deserted me,’ declares Jehovah. ‘You keep turning your back on me. So I will stretch out my hand against you and destroy you. I am tired of feeling pity for you.’” The skeptic rashly sees the words “tires” and “tired” and assumes they refer to the same kind of thing, that is, literal tiredness. However, Isaiah 40:28 refers to Jehovah’s great power, but Jeremiah 15:6 refers to Jehovah’s patience and how Jehovah would not tolerate continued rebellion against him. His tiredness in this case is in regard toward his pity, not to his power, for he previously mentions that he will destroy them – can one who is tired do that?

Did God Love Zion?
            Psalm 87:2 and 132:13 tell of God’s love and desire for Zion. However, Jehovah seems to have intended to deny any love for Zion, saying: “For this city, from the day that they built it down to this day, has been nothing but a cause of anger and wrath to me, so that it must be removed from before my face.” – Jeremiah 32:31 NWT
            Yet, the fact remains that Jehovah did not actually intend to deny any previous love for the city, but to make a strong affirmation of his then present anger. Need I again relate how it was a custom to deny a true statement to make a stronger point? He was not lying about his former love for the city.

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