Monday, January 11, 2016

The Self-Harmony of the Bible - 4 (Part Six)

Can the Penalty for Murder be Reduced?
            Numbers 35:30,31 (NWT) states: “Whoever kills a person should be put to death as a murder on the testimony of witnesses; but no one will be put to death on the testimony of just one witness. You must take no ransom for the life of a murder who is deserving to die, for he should be put to death without fail.” Yet, Exodus 21:29,30 (NWT) says: “[I]f a bull was in the habit of goring and its owner had been warned but he would not keep it under guard and it killed a man or a woman, the bull is to be stoned and its owner is also to be put to death. If a ransom is imposed on him, he must give as the redemption price for his life all that may be imposed on him.” The skeptic asserts that both cases involve murder, so the Bible contradicts itself.
However, he ignores the willfulness of the first killing and that it was done by the man involved, compared to the unwillingness of the man involved in the second death. “But,” he say, “since the death in the second case clearly could have been prevented, yet the man willingly let his bull gore and someone died, the man is a murderer!” Hold on a moment. Just because a man is negligent or slow to address the problem with the bull it does not follow that he intended for it to kill another. The fact that the ransom could be accepted by the heirs of the deceased indicates that they decided whether such a man was willful or just negligent, and that, circumstances aside, he was not de facto a murder. Therefore, there is no contradiction in saying that no ransom could be imposed for murder, yet there could be for the owner of a killer bull.

Should False Religionists Be Killed?
Deuteronomy 17:2-7 (NWT) is a command to kill an apostate “who is practicing what is bad in the eyes of Jehovah.” It is not incumbent on Christians, nor could it be used to make a contradiction with 2 Timothy 2:24-26, which was a command to teach in kindness.

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