Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Self-Harmony of the Bible - 3 (Part Fifteen)

Who Captured Debir?
“Finally Joshua together with all Israel turned toward Deสนbir and fought against it. He captured it,” says Joshua 10:38,39 (NWT) So, why did Judah and Simeon have to attack it again? (Judges 1:11) The simplest answer is that it could be Debir was retaken by the Canaanites and had to be taken again by Israel. We do note that Joshua 10:38,39 does not say that the city itself was destroyed. There is no contradiction.

How Many Tables Were There?
1 Kings 7:48 (NWT) states: “Solomon made all the utensils for the house of Jehovah: the altar of gold; the gold table on which to put the showbread.” 2 Chronicles 4:19 (NWT) states: “Solomon made all the utensils for the house of the true God: the alter of gold; the tables with the showbread on them.” So, how many tables were there? Is there a contradiction?
Looking at Exodus 25:23 we see that only one table was required (which Moses had built – Exodus 37:10,11), so it seems that the writer of Kings was emphasizing that Solomon fulfilled the requirement of Moses, while the writer of Chronicles emphasizes the full extent of Solomon’s productions. We see that David change the minimum age requirement for the Levites from 30 to 20, so Solomon may have in a similar manner added to the required number of tables for showbread. (1 Chronicles 23:24-32) However, it is entirely possible that a scribal error had crept into the text. It is not necessary to assume, but it might be the simplest solution.

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