Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Self-Harmony of the Bible - 3 (Part Ten)

Was Sisera Standing or Laying Down When He Died?
            Now, the skeptic likes to point out that Judges 4:21 shows that Sisera was laying down when he was killed. So, when Deborah says: “Between her feet he collapsed; he fell and lay still,” at Judges 5:27 (NWT), the skeptic argues that this means that he was standing – how else can you fall?”
            What escapes the notice of the skeptic is that Judges 4:21 (NWT) shows that she “beat [the pin] into the ground”, but previously Sisera was sleeping – was he already sleeping on the ground? Given the fact that she, apart from killing him, was quite hospitable (giving him milk and not just water, for example) it is not likely that she had him sleep on the ground. Therefore, the fact that the pin was driven into the ground is indicative that his body jerked forward and then, as Deborah says, he fell by her feet. (Even if he was laying on the ground his body could have very well violently lurched forward, while he was in his death throws; leaving him to die by her feet as she pinned him to the ground.)[1] Therefore, the account is once again proved to be harmonious.

[1] Recall that we do not know her position and stance relative to him. Also, he did not have to jerk very much for him to then fall off of whatever he was sleeping on and lay before her.

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