Friday, November 6, 2015

The Self-Harmony of the Bible - 2 (Part Twelve)

Could Abraham See the Stars?
            The promise that Abraham’s descendants would become as numerous as the stars is quite well known. Genesis 15:5 (NWT) says: “He now brought him outside and said, “Look up, please, to the heavens and count the stars, if you are able to do so.” Then he said to him: “So you offspring will be come.”” The skeptic interjects, saying that Abraham could not see the stars at this time, for the sun was only about to set in verse 12! The premise is of course that the only son that Abraham could see is the sun, that Jehovah’s request would be meaningless.
            However they improperly assume that verse 5 takes place during the night, rather than the early morning. In that case verse 1-4 could also occur in the early morning, being the end result of a sleepless night spent in worry by Abraham, or just a summary of that time. Verse 5 takes place in the early morning – when stars are still visible (last I checked) – and what follows (verse 7 -11) is a summary of the day time, or just what Abraham did next, without any mention of the events of the rest of the day. Then a new scene is introduced, the time is late evening that day. There is no contradiction, and this account, but is one harmonious record.

Did the Nephilim Die Off In the Flood?
            The Nephilim, the descendants of the angels who sinned, died in the flood, for Genesis 7:23 (NWT) says: “They were all wiped off the earth; only Noah and those with him in the ark survived.” Therefore the skeptic says that the Bible contradicts itself at when it says: “And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, who are from the Nephilim.” (Numbers 13:33 NWT)
            The problem arises from the confusion that results from (mindlessly) taking what the Bible reports as others having said (the words of some fear-mongers) as what the Bible affirms. However seeing the whole tenor of the speech given by the ten spies was designed to instill fear in the hearts of their brother, of course they would exaggerate what they saw.[1] There is no contradiction.

[1] It is possible that there was an “urban legend” that the Nephilim were still alive, or that the stature of the Anakim caused people to associate the Nephilim with them until they were viewed as Nephilim themselves.

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