Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Self-Harmony of the Bible - 2 (Part Eleven)

Did the Water Come From Above Only or Also From Below?
            To the skeptic, the deluge is the time when God flooded the earth by making it rain only. He reads Genesis 7:4 (NWT) which says: “I will make it rain on the earth for 40 days and 40 nights, and I will wipe from the surface of the ground every living thing that I have made,” and his presumption is solidified in his mind. So Genesis 8:2 (NWT) which reads: “The springs of the watery deep and the floodgates of the heavens were stopped up, so the rain from the heavens stopped falling,” is perplexing because it mentions that the springs of the watery deep also were previously flooding the earth. God never said anything about this, did he? Well then there has to be a contradiction, or so the skeptic concludes.
            There is no contradiction, nor is there a reason that God cannot do more than he said at first, or that what he said at first was meant to indicate all that he was going to do. In fact often times God, or others (even today), when discussing their plans or recapping events, will mention only parts of the whole. In the same way that I may be asked what I did today and reply, “I went to the store,” despite also getting gas on my way back. I mentioned the major, or at least most noticeable part of my trip, but didn’t deny or hint at denying that I also got gas – it wasn’t necessary to mention.
            The rain was the most noticeable part of the deluge, for the springs were those of the watery deep, which were not visible. In fact springs on land are not entirely visible either; but who can miss when a rainstorm appears – and what rainstorm God brought in the days of Noah.
            Further, it is not even necessary to give a possible reason as to why God did not mention that he would open the springs of the deep, for the Bible, while large in scope, is far from exhaustive. It is possible that God communicated that detail to Noah, and others not recorded, but an explicit description is not needed. Perhaps such action was expected to be viewed as implied in the account. Regardless, there is no contradiction that can be gleaned from this account, for saying one thing will happen does not mean it is the only thing that will.

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