Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Self-Harmony of the Bible - 3 (Part One)


This I dedicate to those who pursue the truth, I also dedicate it to my friends who have either helped me in the first two, or for whom I continue to write.
I feel the work is coming along well, however, at the end of this I will only be done with around 15 percent of the skeptic’s list, at least by number, though some of his “contradictions” are so similar to each other so as to merit no additional attention (as of yet). In fact, I keep finding him trying to set two contiguous verses against each other – perhaps I should no longer address those at all, seeing that they are too easy. But, if I adopted that attitude I would not have that many contradictions to address. Perhaps, I am more done with the skeptic’s list than I think – numbers can be deceiving, 1001 contradictions can mean about 100 good ones that deserve an answer. Of those I think I have answered 30. However, seeing as people get stumbled over less, I feel obliged to cover the fluff as well.
I originally was going to write this third volume against the fluff only, seeing as it is majority of the skeptic’s arsenal. However, I decided to address some more genuine ones, though I found none particularly challenging. (If I do, I cannot really give credit to the skeptic, I am sure some other mind notice those; so, to that mind I dedicate this work in the hopes that such ones find this work and realize their error, which I take to be in honest-heartedness.)
I hope none who are striving to find these answers are irritated or insulted when I declare of the ease in which they are solved, some are not, but most are. These, however, are only easy because I have a good general knowledge of the scriptures and look at the context. I want this work to show you how you too can be able to solve them easily. Therefore, it is only fitting that I offer this up to Jehovah my God before Christ my Lord to the benefit of his people. I dedicate it to my brothers, Jehovah’s other Witnesses.

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