Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Self-Harmony of the Bible - 2 (Part Nine)

How Long Did the Flood Last, 40 Days or 150 Days?
            Genesis 7:17 (NIV) reads: “For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth, and as the waters increased they lifted the ark high above the earth,” and the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures says: “The flooding continued for 40 days on the earth.” In “opposition” to this the skeptic cites Genesis 7:24 (NWT), which states: “And the waters continued overwhelming the earth for 150 days.”
            It is apparent, though, that the flooding of the earth last 40 days, but the water were there for a total of one hundred and fifty days! There is no contradiction! However, the skeptic prefers older versions which say something like, “The flood continued on the earth for 40 days,” which to them suggests that the flood is the same thing as the waters; if this is the case, then there would be a contradiction. Yet, the Hebrew word denotes a flood or deluge of waters, but not the waters such floods bring. In fact, the English word means such as well. I can flood your house for a day, but your house might be flooded longer.
            That is why it is preferable to have translations that are clear to those not willing to take the time to ponder thing, whose translation is both accurate to the text and the context. The latter half of the verse shows that during this time the waters increased – which is what happens during a flood. Further Genesis 7:12 mentions that during the forty days, and not the one hundred and fifty days of the earth being covered, it rained. Therefore there is no contradiction here.

Did Israel Listen to Moses or Not?
            Turn to Exodus 4:31 (NWT), which says: “At this [when Moses preformed the signs Jehovah told him to do – the first time] the people believed.” Then to Exodus 6:9, which says: “Moses later gave this message [again a message that Jehovah will deliver Israel], but they did not listen to Moses.”
            It is clear to anyone with the eyes to read that these scriptures refer to separate times. And while the message given is the same, that Jehovah would save Israel, the circumstances changed. Why did Israel not believe? Exodus 6:9 (NWT) answers: “because of their discouragement and because of the harsh slavery.” This refers to the fact that after the first time Moses came to Pharaoh they were required to keep their quota of bricks, but also get their own straw, whereas previously their slavery, while harsh, did not entail this burden. (Exodus 5:18) The miracles helped them have faith, but the adverse reaction of Pharaoh caused them to unduly lose faith. There is no contradiction.

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