Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Self-Harmony of the Bible - 2 (Part One)


            This is designed to defend the Bible as a harmonious books. Many people write on this topic, so many are against the Bible, and some defend the Scriptures. I must echo a similar sentiment to what was spoken by Augustine, namely, that it is of great benefit that many books should be written on the same subject to defend the faith, differing in style, though not in faith or substance. In this regard, I am not publishing new thoughts in defending the Bible, nor am I going about in a new methodology. Rather, I point out what I feel is the best explanation for the scriptures. I, a Witness of Jehovah publish this, but even a Lutheran of the Missouri Synod would offer many of the same things I say. However, seeing as we differ in places as to doctrine, and such differences might creep into our defenses of the book regard as holy, I prefer my books to their books. But this fact bears repeating – The Bible is the word of Jehovah, as such it is harmonious.
Some might propose solutions that are not the most logical or the best, though their style of writing being flawed might account for such a mistaken impression, yet others can supply better solutions, or declare them in a better manner. Therefore if I, or they, are lacking, let the other make up for this, but if still there is doubt all I ask is that you are no hasty to conclude the Bible is not harmonious. There is a solution; many times, the great majority of times, the contradictions are completely nullified, yet other times they may appear to remain a viable option. However, seeing as the Bible is closer to the things described it ought to be given the benefit of the doubt; further showing that a contradiction does not have to exist is all that is needed to make it of no value. Of course, I feel that I rarely, if ever, “fallback” to such a defense, not because it is wrong, but I wish to avoid any notion that I am “copping out” in my defense of the Bible.
            Really I am not showing the Bible to be harmonious at all, but defending it against the onslaught of foolish words against it. If I were to go from scripture to scripture and proclaim Jesus as Christ, you’d be amazed and praise God. Because of the harmony of the many prophecies, which, while written or spoken by many over the centuries, are rightly called the Central Prophecy of the Bible. Rather, it is the attack of insolent men, whose form of knowledge is lacking, that I embark to discredit.
            This book, as is the case with the first and all the rest to follow, is prepared for both the skeptic and the believer. However, it is primarily for the believer, but I jab at my “opponent” whom I call “the skeptic,” whom ought not be confused with all skeptics. I do sarcastically wish to imply that they have no ability to read – what explain could explain their adding words, or taking words out or removing the text from its context? Ah, yes their callousness. Of them it is written, “There mouth is an open grave.” Well let me fill it with sand by revealing how intentionally deceptive the authors of these lists are.
            Yes, the original authors of the lists of Biblical self-contradictions are men who care nothing for the accuracy of the words they speak, but they write that others reproduce without verifying the information (which is sometimes so laughable that a two year old could see through it), in order shock those weak in faith and to awe them by their falsely called knowledge. I wish to provide this series, and this book, as an edifice to the weak, and a sword in their hand.
            I do not wish to quarrel with anyone bitterly, but I will reveal the deceptions of those arrayed again the Bible. They may feel justified, that their means are justified “since the Bible is wrong.” Regardless, the sword here is for defense (though I suppose one could take the harmony of this word as a proof for its inspiration), and I wish the skeptic well, so that he might grope and seek God, who is not far off. Oh that  men might search! – Acts 17:27

            I hope that you enjoy this work as much as I have enjoyed preparing it. I dedicate it to the God, whose word I truly praise, Jehovah. (Psalm 56:4) May he grant the ones reading this peace and that he may draw you near him; as for me the drawing near to God is good. – Psalm 73:28

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  1. This is from the third draft, the fourth is being finished. I may make a fifth (and "final") if I am not too busy. However, I expect that my posts for this book will be from the fourth draft.


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