Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Does Romans 8:35-37 Contradict Psalm 44:22?

Does Paul Deny the Scriptures
Who will separate us from the love of the Christ? Will tribulation or distress or persecution or hunger or nakedness or danger or sword?  Just as it is written [at Psalm 44:22]: “For your sake we are being put to death all day long; we have been accounted as sheep for slaughtering.”On the contrary, in all these things we are coming off completely victorious through the one who loved us.” – Romans 8:35-37

To the uniformed (or malicious) it is said that Paul denies the authenticity of the 44th psalm by his words “on the contrary.” However the truth is in the context. Paul presents one option that tribulation or distress or persecution etc. would separate us from Christ. He then alludes to the scripture that describes the real world experiences that he and his companions have gone through.
This latter statement is an important point, for if Paul wished to deny the 44th Psalm he would also be denying the irrefutable suffering of many Christians. This is something he never does, so what is it that he is doing?
He was saying, “We know what we are going through, the scriptures tell about it. But are we separated from the love of Christ because of such of things? No, but we are in fact coming off victorious despite these things! For our victory is that “anyone who puts faith in Jesus, though he may die, will be raised again.”

Therefore Paul affirms the authenticity of the psalm and expands on it to show that we are not separated from the love of Christ even though we are “sheep before the slaughter.”

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