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Is Christianity Apostasy From Judaism?

Is Christianity Apostasy From Judaism?  
[Updated: January 8th, 2016]

Typically those who view Christianity as apostasy from Judaism are either Jews or skeptics. They assume that because Christianity is different from Judaism it is apostasy and therefore falls under the prohibitions found in the Old Testament. However, they are wrong.  

Some may try to explain this issue using logic or philosophy, but the scriptures provide the best grounds for reasoning, so it is from there that I will argue. 
The Mosaic Law and Was Not Meant to be Permanent  
Jesus said: "Do not think I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I came, not to destroy, but to fulfill." (Matthew 5:17) What did he mean? Paul compares the law as a tutor leading up to Christ in that the law brought to our attentions our sins. This was designed to direct us to Jesus, who saves us from our sins. - Galatians 3:24  
Did Christians make this up? No; for example, David speaks about a man whom he calls "my lord," a priest after the manner of Melchizedek. (Psalms 110) Also Daniel says that the Messiah would bring an end to offerings; Isaiah speaks similarly, mentioning the of the end of sin, as does Jeremiah in his statement of a new covenant. However, under the Law, the priests, the sons of Aaron could not become kings, nor could David's sons become priest, so such a priest could not exist while the Law covenant was active. Secondly, under the Law, sacrifices had to be offer continually, yet the Messiah was to end that.  
Therefore, the Law covenant had to end. Jehovah says the same by his prophet Jeremiah when he says: "I will make with the house of Israel and the house of Judah a new covenant. It will not be like the covenant that I made with their forefathers on the day I took hold of their hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt." (Jeremiah 31:31,32) We find Jesus saying about the wine: "This means my 'blood of the covenant,' which is to poured out in behalf of many for forgiveness of sins." Now, we see that Jesus did in fact fulfill the Law and the prophets by making a new covenant, the one mentioned in the Old Testament. 

Both the Mosaic Law and the New Covenant Were Made By God 
Jehovah made the first covenant with Moses and the second one was made with Jesus. They both condemn idolatry, fornication, greed, envy and both command the abstaining from blood. They both served to glorify God in the way that he chose. However, if the Jewish system was still favored, the Jews would have a temple and they would be obeying the Mosaic law. Christians have a temple - in heaven, and a high priest - Jesus, and a law - the Law of Faith, so which one is favored by God now?

Since the Law was not meant to last forever, we see that Christianity is not apostasy from Judaism. But, sticking to the Mosaic and trying to prove one's own righteousness by works apart from faith in Jesus is apostasy from Jehovah.

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