Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Krishna and Jesus - Six Claims Refuted

I have been editing this section of my book and wanted to look at more "similarities" between Jesus and Krishna. A certain source I found that they made these baseless false name accusations:

Assertion: Chrisna was called Zeus Chrisna (I haven't found proof he ever was). 
Refutation: I haven't found proof of that, so I must conclude that it is an attempt to sound like Jesus Christ. 

Assertion: Jesus is either derived from or chosen because of the name Zeus. 
Refutation: Zeus is both spelled differently and has a different meaning than Jesus. (Ζευς; shine or sky vs. Ιησους; Jehovah is Salvation). 

Assertion: The title of Christ comes from Chrinsa 
Refutation: Krishna looks completely from Christ and means "dark" as opposed to Christ which means "anointed." 

Assertion: Krishna's "mother" is Maia and Jesus' mother is Mary.  
Refutation: However Maia means "illusion," but Mary means "bitter." Also unless his mother is not Maia.

Also this interesting ones word for word from a skeptic.

Assertion: "The birthplace of Chrisna was Mathura. If you remember your Bible you will know that this is similar to Maturea, between Nazareth and Egypt." 
Refutation: Mathura may have been Krishna's birthplace, but I have never found any place called "Maturea" inside or out of the Bible. Aside from unclear references by mythers. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, as you will remember and if you remember your Bible you will know that this is completely unrelated to some made up place called Maturea.

Assertion: "[Chrisna] was born on December 25th (that is the Indian month of Savarana) at midnight." 
Refutation: Some say that Krishna was born in December, but most do not. Jesus, some say, was also born in December, but earlier times had traditions for almost every month of the year. Neither Hinduism or Christian texts say when either were born. Also the Indian month of Shraavan (what I assume is meant by "Savarana") falls in July to August.

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