Sunday, April 12, 2015

[HB] Is Jesus a Pagan Myth? - Part Two

Is Jesus a Pagan Copy-Cat? 
April 12th, 2015

Most atheists do not deny the existence of Jesus, only the fact that he was anything more than a man. Some however allege that he was a myth. Not just a myth, but a stolen myth from various pagan sources. However how do their claims stand up? 

Critics often state that the gospel writers borrowed the viring birth of Jesus from the virgin birth of Horus. However, neither account of the birth of Horus indicates that he was bron of a virgin. An Egyptian religious text states: "[Isis] made to rise up the helpless member [penis] of him whose heart was at rest, she drew from him his essence [sperm], and she made therefrom an heir, [Horus.]"  
Mythers also claim that Christmas came from the birth date of Horus on December 25th. However Horus' birthday was celebrated during the Egyptian month that falls in October - November called "Khoiak." In any regard the day of Christmas is of later origin than the gospels. In fact the gospels do not say what day or month Jesus was born, neither do they command or suggest people celebrate on it. 
One of Horus' enemies is the Egyptian god Set (or Seth) and some claim that this is another similarity between Jesus and Satan. However the Egyptian name Seth (not the Hebrew name Seth) comes from a root meaning "dazzler" or "stable pillar," but Satan means "resister" or "opposer." 

Some even claim, contrary to what can be seen, that Horus held titles such as Savior, Son of Man or Lamb of God - even Messiah. However there are some problems with that, Messiah is Hebrew in origin, and son of man is both an idiom (meaning "man") or a title used by people such as Ezekiel and, especially, the glorious Son of Man. Title Lamb of God comes from Hebrew rituals and even if Horus was called a savior doesn't mean Jesus' use of that tile is derived from Horus. After all if the gospels are correct Jesus rightly deserves the title Savior. 

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