Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Is Jesus a Pagan Myth? - Part Four

Is Jesus the Messiah or a Myth Inspired by Pagan Myths? 

Most atheists do not deny the existence of Jesus, only the fact that he was anything more than a man. Some however allege that he was a myth. Not just a myth, but a stolen myth from various pagan sources. However how do their claims stand up? By examining five such pagan figures we can see that Jesus was not borrowed from these sources.

Mithra (not the Persian Mitra) was a Roman religion. According to skeptics Jesus is derived in part from Mithra. They say that both were attended by shepherds with Mithra claiming that first. However the earliest relief of Mithra's birth indicates that he was born from rock. This undermines the claim that Jesus virgin birth claim came from Mithra, but it is true that Mithra was attended by what appears to be shepherds. However, this relief dates from the 4th century AD. 
Mithra, according to mythers, had twelve disciples. However there is no source that shows twelve disciples. If mythers refer to the zodiac that surrounds Mithra in some reliefs as disciples I guess you could say Mithra had twelve disciples, but it is more likely that they just represent twelve constellations. 
Some claim that Mithra also was a savior from sin, but there is no proof of that at all. While he did sacrifice a bull (something some mythers try to merge into one account of Mithra getting sacrificed) there is no mention of salvation from sins. However starting in Genesis, in some psalms and in Isaiah and Daniel the concept from a Messiah redeeming mankind from sin is mentioned, which if Jesus was not actually the Messiah is where Jesus got those claims from - not Mithra! However there is a similarity. But not much of one. Mithra is a mediator like Jesus. Only Jesus is a mediator between God and man, but Mithra between good and evil.

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